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ILS Tilog Logistix

ILS Co., Ltd. joined TILOG Logistix 2018 at Bitec Bang Na on 29-31 August 2018 in order to promote ILS ...
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In speaking with our clients, we learned the true importance of GPS tracking to their businesses. Being able to know ...
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ILS warehouse

new warehouse

To accommodate our many clients that work in the food industry, ILS expanded its operational space, constructing a new warehouse ...
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ILS presentation video

ILS Video Presentation

First time with Short VDO Presentation on Youtube in which customer can see our facilities and our potential to offer ...
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We strive to be Thailand’s leading provider of logistics solutions that meet both traditional and complex client needs.

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We strive to be Thailand’s leading provider of logistics solutions that meet both traditional and complex client needs. In turning our vision into reality, we have made a commitment to integrity in business and innovation in services.
Feer Hanspeter
Founder & CEO

Frequently asked questions

We normally charge customers per services, which are divided into a few categories—a fee for storage, handling, and transportation.

Different scopes of logistics services result in different service charges, so fees may change from client to client; however, our fees are not limited to this condition. Please contact our sales team to discuss which services are appropriate for you and your business.

Minimum contract terms depend on the scope of the services and the volume of goods controlled. Our contracts start from a period of one month and can be expanded from there.

Longer contract periods guarantee that you get the same rates for service as you do in the initial stages of the contract, as long as the scope and conditions are the same.

Our innovative in-house warehouse management system normally works on a first in, first out (FIFO) or first expired, first out (FEFO) concept.

All movements and transactions are recorded in the system. The method we use depends on the product and the needs of our clients. Feel free to contact our customer service or sales team for more information.

Our TMS (transport management system) allows us to track the status of every order, from the moment they leave the warehouse to the second they reach their destinations. We can also find out if your order has not yet shipped or arrived at its destination.

In addition, our GPS tracking system allows us to follow the status of your delivery in real-time. (Please note: in order to track orders via GPS, we do require the latitude and longitude of their destinations.) We provide daily status reports, as well, offering valuable transparency to our clients.

Special announcement

beware of fake websites

Please beware of fake websites posting as ILS. We have put up an announcement on Facebook as well as our ...
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ILS Co., Ltd
Bangkok Business Center Bldg.
Room 3001, 30th floor
29 Soi Ekamai, Sukhumvit Rd. Soi 63
Klongton Nua, Wattana
10110 Bangkok / Thailand

  • (66-2) 714 2424 (Fax)
  • (66-2) 714 2414
  • info@ils.co.th

Opening Hours

If you would like to visit the warehouse, or request a tour. Please contact our sales team at +66 081-668-6420 or +66 061-625-5500 or email us at nipaporn.s@ils.co.th

Monday – Friday

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